Air freight parcel delivery is the transfer and shipment of goods via an air carrier, which may be charter or commercial. Such shipments travel out of commercial and passenger aviation gateways to anywhere planes can fly and land.

The Advantages of Air Freight Shipping

The express shipping options of air freight make it a valuable option for coordinating time sensitive shipments to almost anywhere in the world. This can be particularly advantageous for smaller and mid-sized companies as it allows them to participate in international trade in an expeditious and effective manner. Shipping by air also offers the advantage of a high level of security as airport controls over cargo are tightly managed

The Expansion of Air Freight Shipping

Used in conjunction with other forms of shipping, like marine, rail and ground, air freight became widely utilized as one of the central delivery options in importing and exporting at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Growing exponentially as an industry during the expansion of trade networks and markets in the last 40 years, air freight is now regarded as an efficient means to ship nationally and internationally.

Managing Air Freight with a Customs Broker

Customs brokerage firms can determine the most reliable and cost-effective means for using air freight options to coordinate corporate, individual parcel or shipment deliveries. A customs broker can negotiate the vast array of options and determine the most applicable means to ensure expedient and on-time delivery.

As with all international shipping, customs clearance procedures must always be anticipated and properly documented. Working with a customs broker for your air shipping ensures that all aspects of your freight management are covered, from expedited service through customs clearance and shipment delivery.


Sea freight is a method of transporting large quantities of product via cargo ships; goods are packed into containers and these containers are loaded onto a vessel, where they will be sailed to their destination country. As a typical cargo vessel can carry 18,000 containers (TEU), sea freight is a cost-efficient way to transport high quantities of product. For reference, here is how much fits in a 20ft container:

A typical cargo ship can carry 18,000 of these containers! As there’s so much space available onboard a sea freight vessel, the space is priced at less of a premium than space within other modes of transport, such as planes.

Who Uses Sea Freight?

Sea freight is often used by people importing from China or anywhere else in the world. For people buying their stock overseas (and therefore bulk goods), sea freight shipping is usually the cheapest shipping method. If you’re importing a bulk amount of goods, sea freight could be the most cost-efficient option for you.

How Long Does Sea Freight Take?

There are multiple factors to consider when explaining the time sea freight takes.

Firstly, the time spent on water and the time shipments take from door-to-door are different; due to the process of sea freight (which we will explain later in this post), there are a lot of steps the goods have to go through before they reach the vessel and then once they leave it.

On top of this, the location of your goods affects the time sea freight takes. This is basic geography – some places are further away than others!

Container Specifications

Dry FCL Specifications

Dry / Steel Door openings (mm) Internal dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Volume (m³)
Type Size Width Height Length Width Height to load line Max. Gross Tare Max. Payload Capacity to load line
20" std 20' x 8' x 8' 6" 2,340 2,274 5,896 2,350 2,385 27,000 2,150 24,850 33
40" std 40' x 8' x 8' 6" 2,339 2,274 12,035 2,350 2,393 32,500 3,700 28,800 67
40" high 40' x 8' x 9' 6" 2,340 2,577 12,035 2,350 2,697 34,000 3,800 30,200 76
45" high 45' x 8' x 9' 6" 2,340 2,585 13,556 2,352 2,697 32,500 4,800 27,820 86

Refrigerated Containers

Reefer / Steel Door openings (mm) Internal dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Volume (m³)
Type Size Width Height Length Width Height to load line Max. Gross Tare Max. Payload Capacity to load line
20" std 20' x 8' x 8' 6" 2,294 2,201 5,451 2,290 2,156 30,480 2,930 27,550 27,9
40" high 40' x 8' x 9' 6" 2,278 2,473 11,578 2,280 2,425 34,000 4,500 29,500 64
Reefer / Aluminium Door openings (mm) Internal dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Volume (m³)
Type Size Width Height Length Width Height to load line Max. Gross Tare Max. Payload Capacity to load line
20" std 20' x 8' x 8' 6" 2,286 2,188 5,430 2,286 2,155 27,000 2,750 24,250 26,8
40" std 40' x 8' x 8' 6" 2,294 2,174 11,577 2,294 2,110 32,500 3,900 28,600 56,1
40" high 40' x 8' x 9' 6" 2,290 2,535 11,577 2,294 2,409 32,500 4,150 28,350 64,1

Open Top Containers

Open-tops / Steel Internal dimensions (mm) Door openings (mm) Top openings (mm) Weight (kg) Volume (m³)
Type Size Length Width Height Width Height Length Width Max. Gross Tare Max. Payload Capacity
20' open-top 20'x 8'x 8'6" 5,919 2,340 2,286 2,286 2,251 5,425 2,223 24,000 2,177 28,230 32
40' open-top 40'x 8'x 8'6" 12,043 2,338 2,272 2,289 2,253 11,622 2,162 30,480 4,300 28,700 64
Open-tops / Aluminium Internal dimensions (mm) Door openings (mm) Top openings (mm) Weight (kg) Volume (m³)
Type Size Length Width Height Width Height Length Width Max. Gross Tare Max. Payload Capacity
20' open-top 20'x 8'x 8'6" 5,893 2,346 2,353 2,338 2,273 5,488 2,230 30,480 2,250 21,823 32

Please note there may be slight size variations for some containers, as well as limitations regarding acceptance in certain locations.

Flat Racks

Flat rack / Steel Internal dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Type Size Length Width Height lenght between headers lenght between corner posts width between corner posts Gross Tare Max. Payload
20' fixed-corner 20' x 8" x 8" 6" 5,935 2,398 2,327 5,935 5,693 2,106 24,000 2,560 21,440
20' collapsible 20' x 8' x 8' 6" 5,966 2,418 2,286 5,850 5,422 2,058 30,480 2,970 27,510
40' fixed-corner 40' x 8' x 8' 6" 12,080 2,438 2,103 12,080 11,796 2,114 30,480 5,480 25,000

Tank Containers

Size Construction Gross Tare Payload Volume CBM CBF Forklift Pockets
20' x 8' x 8' 6" Steel frame/stainless steel tank 30480 kg / 67200 lbs 3070 kg / 6768 lbs 27410 kg / 60425 lbs 21000 litre 5547 US gallons yes


We LORDS EXPRESS transport and deliver documents, packages, and larger shipments of products, although traditionally we specialized in the rapid delivery of such items as legal documents that required signatures.

Lords Express Key functions in Courier are

  • Order Processing.
  • Pickup of material.
  • Custom clearance.
  • Air Lifting.
  • Destination clearance and door delivery.

We Lords Express transport door to door pick up and door to door delivery. First of allwe collect couriers from all customers and sorting them area wise or PIN code wise. ... Delivery hub received all couriers and send create run sheet as per area of delivery.

We handle all Business-to-Customer and Business-to-Business cross-border transactions involving the movement of e-Commerce & express parcels, documents, and international freight.

We offer efficient and optimum door-to-door services for import and export of documents, parcels, and cargo and also provide customized solutions like flexibility, defined transit time, complete information regarding declarations and authorities, and real-time tracking information.


WE LORDS EXPRESS handles home moving experience from UAE to all over the world and can easily help you out with your move.

As a top-rated house movers in Dubai, we deliver a broad range of international moving services for home, villas, apartments as well as relocation solutions for every purpose. You can count on us to provide the most reliable and affordable moving services from trusted professionals in the Middle East.

• Free Assessment

Our moving process starts with a free assessment of your requirements. This helps us understand the resources and preparations we need to provide you with the best relocation experience. This assessment also helps us figure out an accurate estimate of the moving costs. You can then choose all or only the required services from our service bundles (removal, packing, insurance, temporary storage, transportation, delivery & unpacking).

Our analysis includes the amount of space and entry points at your current base and your destination. Our consultant will also evaluate, classify and itemize your possessions by type and fragility.

• Removals & Packing

After understanding your requirements, the next step is the removal of fittings and fixtures. Our removal and packing professionals are specialists in household removals and safe packaging techniques. To guarantee that there is no damage during loading, unloading and transportation, and to provide you with foolproof packing services, we use high-grade packing equipment and products like boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, duct tapes, and other materials designed to keep your items safe.

Our service offerings involve anti-damage wrapping of your fragile goods, dismantling of your furniture and careful packaging of standalone items. For clothing that can’t be packed, we provide mobile mini-wardrobes that can be used for hanging them. We also offer ice boxes for items that need refrigeration. Moreover, if you want to pack some items on your own, we’ll be glad to offer you our support

• Transportation

As part of Al Sabaa's comprehensive door-to-door relocation systems, we have a wide range of transport utilities for all your individual requirements. We make our carrier decisions based on the distance of the move, the quantity, weight and frangibility of items. They are made only after a thorough assessment of your relocation needs and can be changed to adapt to your specifications.

• Insurance Protection

While we use the latest facilities and technology for loading and handling safeguards with your goods, we understand every homeowner’s inherent concern about their valuables. To solve these concerns, we provide all-inclusive insurance for your items during transit. You are guaranteed coverage if your belongings are broken or misplaced or any reason.

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